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PADDOCK AND FIELD ROLLERS - available in 4ft, 5ft, 6ft 6" & 8ft


The paddock and field rollers we supply have been designed and manufacturered in the UK, in conjunction with ourselves.

They are supplied with standard detachable draw bars with ball and pin hitch, three point linkage and scraper bar and the finish quality is extremely high.


All rollers fabricated components are prepared with a non ferrous abrasive prior to pre treatment and a polyester powder coating. This gives excellent 'key' for the next surface treatment to adhere and results in a hard wearing, excellent finish to the roller.


Ball hitch, eye hitch, 3 point linkage and scraper blade as standard.


Features of our paddock and field rollers:

  • Roller draw bar unbolts and detatches for easy transportation and storage
  • Both ball hitch and pin hitch supplied
  • Can be filled with water to gain extra weight if needed
  • 2 drain off plugs at opposing ends allow for easy roller filling and emptying
  • Can be trailed or worked on 3 point linkage (roller should be empty when lifted)
  • Nationwide delivery available
  • Please call us on 01278 555 222 for help and advice
Grass field rollers for sale
Paddock and grass rollers for sale from Paul Helps
Paddock and field rollers, towed by a Mitsubishi compact tractor
Paddock and field rollers for sale UK delivery

Our paddock rollers can be towed behind ride on lawn mowers, 4x4 vehicles, ATV or compact tractors.


Ball hitch and eye hitch as standard on grass rollers

Ball and eye hitch as standard

This paddock roller unit comes standard with 50mm ball hitch and 40mm eye hitch enabling hitch up to any vehicle. The draw bar is detachable by removing two bolts thus enabling easy transportation and storage.

Grass field rollers, three point linkage as standard

Three point linkage as standard

The roller has three point linkage as standard so it can be easily transported. We strongly recommend that the water ballast rollers are drained for transportation.

A scraper blade comes as standard on our rollers

Scraper blade as standard

While other paddock roller manufacturers may charge extra for a scraper blade, ours come as standard, ensuring mud cannot stick to the roller's drum.

Hardwood oak bearings

Hardwood Oak Bearings
High quality hardwood bearings carry the paddock roller shaft. These wooden bearings are manufactured from European oak supplied from sustainable sources and include grease nipples to the upper faces for easy lubrication. This results in long lasting bearing units with a higher impact resistance than that of a standard cast pillow block style. The fixing centres have been designed to accommodate both styles of bearing should the need arise.

Paddock roller drum

Paddock Roller Drum
The roller drum is fabricated from 6mm thick mild steel plate, has a centre solid shaft of 50mm running the full length of the drum, with water bungs at each end for easy filling and draining. Each individual unit is air tested prior to dispatch. All fabricated components are prepared with non-ferrous abrasive prior to pre-treatment and polyester power coated. This gives an excellent 'key' for the next surface treatment to adhere and results in a hard wearing, excellent finish.



4ft Paddock Roller

Drum length - 1250mm
O/A length - 1450mm
Drum thickness - 6mm
Unladen weight - 250kg
Laden weight - 600kg
Height - 750mm

£1572.00 incl VAT

5ft Paddock Roller

Drum length - 1500mm
O/A length - 1700mm
Drum thickness - 6mm
Unladen weight - 300kg
Laden weight - 725kg
Height - 750mm

£1728.00 incl VAT

6.6ft Paddock Roller

Drum length - 1980mm
O/A length - 2180mm
Drum thickness - 6mm
Unladen weight - 350kg
Laden weight - 910kg
Height - 750mm

£1884.00 incl VAT

8ft Paddock Roller

Drum length - 2 x 1250mm
O/A length - 2730mm
Drum thickness - 6mm
Unladen weight - 625kg
Laden weight - 1325kg
Height - 775mm

£2430.00 incl VAT

All prices are inclusive of VAT, please enquire for delivery charges.

Note: Weights are based on water filled.




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